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Music Lessons

music lessons

Music Lessons at the Little Red School of Art & Music

A Totally Creative Environment for the Young and Young at Heart

If you could play a role in inspiring creativity in your child, would you seize the opportunity? Music lessons at the Little Red School of Art & Music offer the perfect outlet for your son or daughter to express creativity and learn new skills.
Apart from the joy of learning a new instrument, there are countless benefits to enrolling your child in music lessons early. At a young age, children can improve their academic and physical skills by playing and learning a new musical instrument because music and development are directly related.

Music and math are highly intertwined, and by understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children will learn how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. Certain instruments, percussion in particular, can help children to develop coordination and motor skills because these instruments require movement of the hands, arms, and feet.

Lesson Description

When you come to the Little Red School of Art & Music, you can expect professional instructors to guide your child in a fun and encouraging environment.

Private Lessons are available for the following:

All lessons are $140 per 4-week month, which includes sessions that are 30 minutes, one day a week. Lessons will be on an appointment basis to better meet your scheduling needs.

Call to schedule music lessons for your child!

If your child is ready to learn a new instrument or further hone his or her skills, please call today to enroll your child in lessons. Our experienced and friendly music instructors are patient and understanding, so your child will have no trouble feeling comfortable and engaged during each lesson.

Call now for more information about our classes!

Art Classes

art classes

Art Classes at the Little Red School of Art & Music

Has your son or daughter ever expressed an interest in art? If you want to offer your child the opportunity to make wonderful works of art in watercolor, acrylic, sculpture and much more, then enroll him or her in art classes at the Little Red School of Art & Music.

Aside from the impressive art pieces your child can create, he or she will also enjoy several long-term benefits of starting art classes at a young age. Early exposure to art can improve project development skills, time management, hand-eye coordination, and much more. From increasing social skills to learning to focus and concentrate in new ways, our art classes are the perfect way to engage your son or daughter in something fun and beneficial.

Class Information

art classes

Art classes may include:

Classes are 90 minutes, one day a week, and on the day of your choice.

Classes include ALL materials, and a monthly program will be payable at your first lesson. Lessons are $125 per month.

Enroll your child in art classes today!

art classes

If you want to give your child the opportunity to be creative and find new ways of expressing thoughts and ideas, then enroll him or her into our art program! You will be delighted with the beautiful pieces of art your son or daughter is capable of making, and these works of art make great gifts and decorations.

Call us today to learn more about our art classes and programs.

ATTN: Scout Leaders;

art classes

We are offering a special program for all scouts to earn your Art Badges.

Brownies, Cubs, Girl & Boy Scouts

Earn your badges by drawing, painting, sculpting, or air brushing.

Special Low Price for Scouts! Only $15.00 per Scout.

1.5 Hour Lesson, Includes all Art Materials.

Call to make your reservation and for more information!


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